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We make a healthy enviroment with Austin air cleaner and Euromate

Cahaya Timur Jaya Abadi PT. specializes in air cleaner, we help people to improve indoor air quality. We do this because we believe that clean indoor air is an essential right for all healthy life.

We offer the high quality air cleaner for improve of indoor air a wide range of pollutants to be removed through effective. You could use the Austin air cleaner for personal room and Euromate is for the commercial indoor use. In sectors such as industry, health care, at the dentist, function hall, cafe, canteen, office and the shoemaker indoor air is continuously polluted by tobacco smoke, particulates, tiny hair particles, odors, microbiological contamination and mercury vapors. Clearing the air is simple with the air cleaners, the air is cleaned continuously professionally in a room. The air cleaner draws the polluted air towards him and then produced the clean air back into the room again.

Our mission to give priority in healthy, fresh and more clean indoor air quality. The good quality from Austin and Euromate product, we confident will give the optimal results for your health. The system supported with a technology and also resources, attempt to give the best experience for all our customers with a professional team. We will always to improve our capabilities for the our customers satisfaction. Cahaya Timur Jaya Abadi PT. has the commitment to give a positive contribution especially in health.



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