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Jakarta Air Pollution Can Have Several Diseases Threatening Citizens

Posted on 5 December 2018

Greenpeace Indonesia said that in the past month the air quality in DKI Jakarta was categorized as unhealthy or high air pollution.

According to the AirVisual air monitoring application version, Jakarta is ranked number one bad air quality among major cities in the world on August 11, 2018. In other words, air pollution is the worst.
“Where the daily average number at the PM 2.5 monitoring station in Kemayoran, Jakarta, owned by BMKG shows 87.3 µg / m³,” said Greenpeace Indonesia’s Climate and Energy campaigner, Bondan Andriyanu, in a written statement on Tuesday, August 21 2018.

Bondan said that poor air quality could endanger people’s health and increase the risk of premature death. According to him, in poor air quality there is one of the most dangerous particles of pollutants, namely particulates (PM) 2.5. “PM 2.5 can be inhaled and settles in the respiratory organs,” he said.
According to Bondan, exposure to PM 2.5 will be dangerous in the long run. Because, PM 2.5 can cause several types of respiratory diseases. “PM 2.5 can cause acute respiratory infections, especially for children, to lung cancer,” he said.

Bondan said PM 2.5 could increase toxicity in blood vessels which could trigger strokes, cardiovascular disease and other heart diseases. This particulate, he said, can endanger pregnant women because they have the potential to attack the fetus. “This is a real health threat for everyone,” he said.

Bondan assessed the high level of air pollution has caused health costs and large economic losses. He gave an example, in 2010 the Ministry of Environment’s research mentioned that of the total population of Jakarta which reached 9,607,787 people, 57.8 percent were sick due to air pollution. “The total health costs that must be paid by Jakarta citizens reach Rp. 38.5 trillion,” he said.

According to Bondan, the government must immediately suppress the source of pollution which causes Jakarta’s air quality to be poor. This, he said, must be done clearly because it covers across ministries and interests.
Starting from the problems of transportation, industry, to plants that must be tightly regulated and regulated, “he said.

Previously, several foreign media wrote about the poor air quality in Jakarta approaching the 2018 Asian Games. On August 17, 2018, Al Jazeera released a news titled “Pollution welcomes athletes in Jakarta for Asian Games.” In the news even stated that the level of air pollution in Jakarta has risen sharply in recent years.
In addition, BBC Indonesia news also mentions the matter of high air pollution. In fact, BBC Indonesia writes ahead of the 2018 Asian Games, Jakarta being the ‘worst-polluted’ city in the world.

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