10 Tips for getting rid of dust in the air

Dust is one of those frustrating facts of life that everyone must deal with. Dealing with dust often feels like a futile struggle to complete an endless task. As soon as you’ve finished dusting, working hard to eliminate the dust that settles on surfaces and floats through the air, you to end up right back […]

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Plusi jakarta
Jakarta Emergency Air Pollution

Jakarta air quality for several days is in an unhealthy status. Based on’s observation, from the Air Now and AQICN sites, Jakarta’s air condition for the past two days falls into the Unhealthy or Unhealthy category. Monday (30/07/2018) according to the same site, Index Air Quality (Air Quality Index) Jakarta touch the figure of […]

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Polusi Jakarta
Jakarta Air Pollution Can Have Several Diseases Threatening Citizens

Greenpeace Indonesia said that in the past month the air quality in DKI Jakarta was categorized as unhealthy or high air pollution. According to the AirVisual air monitoring application version, Jakarta is ranked number one bad air quality among major cities in the world on August 11, 2018. In other words, air pollution is the […]

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