Euromate | Smoking Table

The Euromate smoking table is a comfortable lean-to table that consists of a synthetic table top and thick-walled, hand-polished stainless steel. It is heat and scratch resistant.

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Euromate’s smoking table holds an integrated ashtray with valve. People can lean to the table when smoking and dispose the ash and butts. The ashtray is smoke and odour free and the ash container below the table-top has a capacity of thousands of cigarettes.


The inner container of the smoking table needs to be emptied and cleaned. Also, a service to the mechanical parts of the smoking table is needed periodically. This service can be part of an integral service agreement for your smoking room.


  • Integrated, odourless and self-extinguishing ashtray
  • Ash container for up to 5,000 cigarette butts
  • Comfortable lean-to table
  • Stainless steel
  • Heat and scratch resistant

Technical Specifications

Dimension Smoking table - L 1104 mm
Lean-to table legs - L 1070 mm | ø 42,4 mm
Ash bin - L 1070 mm | ø 42,4 mm
Net Weight 34 kg (complete)
Capacity 5000 Cigarette butts
Material • construction • stainless steel
• table top • sevalite (synthetic, scratch- and heatproof )
Colour • sevalite
• grey with black rim
Lean-to table with sevalite table top • sevalite table top
• support plate
• table legs lean-to table
• large ash bin
• ashtray
• closing valve
• inner container
• base plate round

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