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The new generation of air cleaners, the Euromate VisionAir Blue Line, will protect your health as well as that of your employees, colleagues and customers. As a filter for dust, odors and effective captures smoke of cigarettes, depending on the room and specific pollution Euromate’s air cleaners offer a suitable solution for you optional filters.

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The seven filter combinations for the VisionAir Blue Line

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Around 80% of our time is indoors and breathing indoor air. This is often contaminated with unpleasant and harmful substances, gases, (fine) dust, viruses and bacteria. Also, the sick-building syndrome, tobacco smoke and unpleasant odors. Not only people with asthma, COPD, diabetes, the elderly and children have a higher health risk.

Even healthy people can develop discomfort through polluted air. The low indoor air quality is not noticeable, as most pollutants are odorless and not visible to the naked eye.

Contribute to better health and a more pleasant (working) environment. purify the air in your company. This has a positive effect on the productivity of your employees and the image of your company.


The VisionAir Blue Line from Euromate cleans indoor air in three stages.

Phase 1: First, coarse dust and other contaminant particles, such as human and animal hair or dander, are detected in the pre-filter.

Phase 2: The electrostatic main filter then removes the remaining smaller particles, from as small as 0.01 micron (= 0.00001mm!). The filter works by means of a static (electric) charge. The polluted air flows through an ionisation and collector section where particles are charged and collected. The very open structure of these filter sections enable high air flow values, which will not drop because the filter will not clog.

Phase 3: Various final filters then adsorb the unpleasant odors and cigarette smoke, and other pollutants.


VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner are various filters that trap smoke, particles and odors. A total of ten different type are available:

  • Pre Filter Blue Line: captures the bigger particles of dust and other polluting items such as hairs and skin flakes.
  • EM Blue Line filter: Removes air pollution to the smallest fractions. Particles are electrically charged and attach to the filter plates.
  • CM1 Blue Line filter: Activated carbon filter for captures unpleaseant odours and gases
  • CM2 Blue Line filter: Filter with a content 6,3 kg activated carbon captures unpleasant odours and harmful gases. The unique V-shaped filter ensures an effective filter operation
  • HM Blue Line filter: Hepa (particulate matter) filters fine particulate matter
  • MM HM Smoke Blue Line filter: MediaMax and HepaMax combination filter for the removal coarse/fine particles but also tobacco smoke
  • Final Filter HM Blue Line: Hepa filter for collecting particulate matter
  • Final Filter AC1 Blue Line: Activated carbon filter for captures odours and tobacco smoke
  • Final Filter AC2 Blue Line: adsorbs unpleasant odours and gases. Finally a Silver Ion filter UV-C light is added for filtering viruses and bacteria.

In addition, there are two other additions: The UV-C light Blue Line (for the MicrobeFree version) removes harmful bacteria, viruses and mold spores using UV-C light. For the fresh fragrance in the office, home, apartment and there are the optionally usable FreeBreeze fragrance cartridges for our products.


The VisionAir Blue Line is not only suitable for ceiling and wall mounting, but can also be mounted on a mobile stand. The large impact area also provides flexibility in the choice of location.

The stylish design of the VisionAir Blue Line fits seamlessly into the interior of your premises and is suitable for example as a smoker of smoking rooms. Low-noise and user-friendly operation allow you to focus on your work while benefiting from clean indoor air.

The control options of the air cleaner ensure even more flexibility during operation: With a timer, you program fan speeds and operating times. With the motion, dust and gas sensors, the device even starts operation automatically.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions L x W x H VisionAir Blue Line 1: 630 x 620 x 290 mm
VisionAir Blue Line 2: 630 x 1050 x 290 mm
Built-in height 210 mm
Net weight VisionAir Blue Line 1: 16,5 kg
VisionAir Blue Line 2: 32,5 kg
Material housing ABS
Colour OffWhite
Mains cord 3 m (0.6 m internal, 2.4 m external)
Fan speeds Manually 8 | Automatically 6
Mounting options VisionAir Blue Line 1:
• to or in the ceiling
• to or in the wall
• freestanding
• on Display

VisionAir Blue Line 2:
• to or in the ceiling
Control With supplied IR remote control or with the play button on the device
Sensors PIR sensor (motion detector) | Gas sensor (optional) | Dust sensor (optional)
Volume of the room VisionAir Blue Line 1:
• 99 -197 m³

VisionAir Blue Line 2:
• 261 - 394 m³
Airflow VisionAir Blue Line 1:
• 180 - 456 m³/h

VisionAir Blue Line 2:
•360 - 912 m³/h
Fan capacity VisionAir Blue Line 1: 1300 m³/h
VisionAir Blue Line 2: 2600 m³/h
Noise level VisionAir Blue Line 1: 40 - 62,5 dB(A)
VisionAir Blue Line 2: 46 - 68,5 dB(A)
Power supply 230V/1~/50Hz
Power consumption air cleaner (incl. UV-C light) VisionAir Blue Line 1:
• 90 - 105 W

VisionAir Blue Line 2:
• 175 - 195 W
Freebreeze VisionAir Blue Line 1:
• 2 pieces

VisionAir Blue Line 2:
• 4 pieces

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