Effective air cleaning everywhere possible: prepare your company for the new society after COVID-19 with Euromate air cleaners!

We are still in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, but the future points to measures being relaxed. Time to take a closer look at the working environment! All sectors are looking for a step-by-step transition to the “back to normal” but then with certain distance. Let’s make it clear: we cannot solve the entire […]

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Warm days? Beware of the air conditioning!

Summer officially started last weekend and immediately with high temperatures. Many people and companies therefore turn on the air conditioning. This is normal, because when we are working indoors, it should not become sweltering, because this is a distraction and it makes us less productive. But there is a health hazard in that. Especially now […]

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What To Do When Flooding Hits Your Area

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency ( BMKG ) revealed that the climate change that is occurring increases the risk and opportunities of extreme rainfall so that it causes floods in Jakarta. BMKG Deputy Climatologist Herizal said, the floods in early 2020 that occurred in Jakarta and its surroundings due to extreme rainfall (more than […]

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Where does indoor air pollution come from?

We talked recently about the sources of air pollution lurking in our homes. There are up to 60 causes of indoor air pollution. Some, like household cleaning products and scented candles, are easy to spot. However there are many every day household items that may not be so obvious. So we decided to put together […]

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Indoor air pollutants: What’s in the air we breathe?

Indoor air is often between two and five times as polluted as outdoor air – it can even be as much as 100 times worse! How does this happen?  Outdoor air pollutants find their way indoors and become trapped when there is not proper ventilation. There are also sources of indoor air pollutants found inside, […]

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Tips for Controlling Pet Odors

For most pet owners, controlling pet odors is a constant battle. Sometimes the pet itself is the source of unpleasant odors, but most often it is habitat odors caused by the pet living in the home. Whether it is soiled carpets, cages, or bedding, pet odors can linger long after the pet is gone. Even […]

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